For entrepreneurs and executives who believe elegance is always appropriate,
confidence can never be faked and quality is essential.

For the men and women who understand the courage to lead, means the willingness
to be unapologetically yourself in all things.

We’ll deliver new pieces that will feel as if they were meant for you.  All amidst an exclusive shopping experience in the best shops Munich has to offer.
Experience for yourself our exceptional ability to choose pieces that reflect your personality and flatter any figure so you can create your own signature style.
Because expert advice from someone who takes the time to see YOU, is worth it every time

WOMEN                          MEN

Meet Your Stylists

Nina and Lena are twin stylists who believe your wardrobe
should always reflect your unique personality.  
You can find us in the shops helping some of our more than 1200 clients
we have been privileged to work with or out exploring
the diverse culture and architecture of our beloved Munich.

Nina und Lena Personal Shopper in München

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